Lepanto Dive Centre

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  Στο καταδυτικό μας κέντρο παρέχουμε υπηρεσίες ενοικίασης εξοπλισμού, καθοδηγούμενης κατάδυσης και πλήρωσης φιαλών κατάδυσης. Για το λόγο αυτό κατέχουμε πιστοποίηση κατά ΕΝ14467 από τον οργανισμό πιστοποίησης Bureau Veritas.

  Στην επιχείρησή μας θα βρείτε επίσης προϊόντα που αφορούν το υποβρήχιο κυνήγι.

  Ελάτε από το κατάστημα μας να γνωριστούμε, και να ανακαλύψετε μαζί μας τον όμορφο κόσμο κάτω απο την επιφάνεια του νερού!


  Lepanto Dive Centre is equipped with high quality scuba diving gear (from the most famous and traditional brands worldwide, such as Cressi, Aqualung, Apeks) that can satisfy even the most pretentious client. We use 2 air compressors, a Bauer and a Paramina one to ensure rapid and safe air tank filling. Our boat, is 6.5 m long, polyesteric vessel, sporting a 230 HD engine that can safely carry up to 8 people to the dive spots. Our crew, on the other hand is always at your service.


The price includes a training manual, diving equipment for classes and liability insurance.
The above prices do not include VAT.


The map below shows some of the places we visit

hartis kataduseon



Tank - 10 euros
BCD - 5 euros
Air regulator - 10 euros
Dive computer - 10 euros
Full suit - 8 euros
Monoshorts - 6 euros
Boots - 5 euros
Fins - 5 euros
Mask and snorkel - 5 euros
Belt and weights - 5 euros
Torch (without batteries) - 10 euros

The above prices do not include VAT.


Introductory Scuba Experience - Discover - 50€
1 dive - 40€
2 dives in one day - 60€
Night dive - 40€
Deep dive - 40€
Wreck dive - 60€
Underwater photos - 10€
Rent equipment to dive with us - 15€
In prive dives the price is determined upon request.

For all the above dives, there is the option of boat excursion.
For any boat trip the cost depends on the distance of the diving point and the number of the people.

The above prices do not include VAT.

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You can contact us by phone at 26343-00387 or 6974117743
Our center is located in Nafpaktos, Makrigianni 7( map).


Lepanto Dive Centre is located in Nafpaktos, Greece and offers high quality diving services to certified divers and people of any sex and age that want to either become certified divers or just to have their first underwater experience

Also, in our store you can buy gear for scuba diving, free diving, spearfishing and swimming at very good prices! We have chosen to deal CRESSI products, (having tested their quality and finesse) but you can order products from any other company in our centre.

We offer diving gear rental services, guided diving and scuba tank filling and this is why we are certified by Bureau Veritas (EN14476).


Our Dive Centre is an ANDI certified training facility www.andi.gr and offers a wide variety of training programs for beginners and advanced divers. ANDI, (American Nitrox Divers International) is one of the most well respected diving organizations worldwide and has set high standards of quality dive training in all aspects of diving (recreational, technical, commercial). Our dive centre follows these standards to ensure that all divers that we train receive not just a certification, but specific skills, based on their level of training.